The overall aim of the syllabus is to equip men for the task which awaits them in the ministry today. It does not seek to produce scholarly recluses but practical, working preachers of the Word of God who will be able to give leadership to churches in the twenty-first century.

Over the course theory and practice are well integrated. All the elements of a theological and pastoral education are taught.

First and Second Year

On the first two years of the course, the following subjects are covered:

Third Year

The third year of the course provides significantly more depth to the principal areas studied in the first two years. It also provides a substantial optional element which enables students to choose areas of study in which they wish to specialise or in which they have particular interest.

The focus of the third year remains pastoral and preaching ministry - the third year is not an ‘academic’ option. Hence time is given in each subject area to working out the pastoral and preaching implications of what is studied.

The areas studied in the third year are:

  • Biblical studies
  • Systematic & Historical Theology
  • Options

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