Biblical Studies

At LTS, about half of the total teaching time on the course is given over to the detailed study of Old and New Testament and the biblical languages. We aim to give students a sound grasp of the unfolding of God’s plan of redemption, as it is revealed in Scripture, to help them understand the different genres in which Scripture is written, to get to grips with the different issues addressed in the different books of the Bible, to understand the theology which undergirds the different parts of Scripture and to develop the ability to exegete biblical passages accurately.

The course covers:

  • introduction to Old and New Testaments, covering such matters as chronology, geography, history and cultural setting
  • introduction to individual books of the Bible, examining the theology of the book, its purpose and main themes
  • detailed exegetical study of particular passages from different books of the Old and New Testaments, selected according to their theological importance, difficulty and relevance to pastoral ministry.

Biblical Languages

Greek and Hebrew are studied throughout the course, with the aim of enabling students to use the Bible in the original languages in sermon preparation and exegesis. The essentials of grammar and vocabulary are covered and selected passages from Old and New Testaments are studied.